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LeighAnne Rauhala



University of  Central Florida Orlando, FL  Master of Social Work. (Recognized by Opetushallitus 12.07)


University of South Florida, Tampa, FL  Bachelor of Arts, Psychology 

2009- 2010

Haaga-Helia University of Applied Sciences Vocational Teacher Education (60 ECTS), Helsinki, Finland 


Senior Lecturer Int'l. Mobility in Social Svcs Focus: Urban Social Work, Empowerment, Counselling, Social Pedagogy and Mental Health
LeighAnne Rauhala

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PL 4000, 00079 Metropolia


Myllypurontie 1, 00920 Helsinki

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Vastuut ja tehtävät

Int'lSenior Lecturer (development and implementation of courses in first and second year within the Degree Programme - English track). Int'l. Mobility Contact for Social Services (coordination of curriculum specific aspects for incoming and outgoing students),


Continuing research and publications on 'Qualified Empathy' development in students. (Nordplus 2017-2019)

Coordinating teacher in the development and implementation of Social Work in Urban Areas - International Joint Semester Programme.  

Project worker and substance expert in the Urban SOS Erasmus+ Project (2019-2022)

Muut tutkinnot, sertifikaatit ja koulutukset

Licensed Clinical Social Worker, SW6198


Englanti: Äidinkieli Suomi: Keskinkertainen


Attracting the next generation: gamification in education (2021). Hiiltä ja Timanttia. Mäki-Reinikka E. & Rauhala L.A. 

Qualified Empathy: “from understanding to action” (2021). Uudistuva sosiaalialan osaaminen: sosiaalialan opiskelijoiden ja opettajien yhteisblogi. Raatikainen, E., Rauhala L.A., & Mäenpää, S.

An educational intervention focused on teaching Qualified Empathy to social work students in Finland (2021). Journal of Applied Research in Higher Education. Raatikainen, E., Rauhala L.A., & Mäenpää, S.

Urban spaces in the time of Covid­19.
Analysis of values, lived experience, and
power (2020). Rauhala L., Lehto-Lunden, T. & Määttänen, H. Hyvinvointi ja terveys 
poikkeus oloissa - Metropolia UAS

Qualified Empathy – the new superpower! Can using aesthetic methods help you flourish? (2018). Hiiltä ja Timanttia. Rauhala L., Raatikainen E.  ja Mäenpää S.

Qualified Empathy - A key element for an empowering professional (2017). Sosiaalipedagoginen aikakauskirja, vuosikirja 2017, vol. 18. Raatikainen E., Rauhala  L, ja Mäenpää S.


  • Qualified Empathy Nordplus
  • Social Work in Urban Areas Collaboration
  • Urban SOS Erasmus+ Strategic Partnership



  • Talentia
  • OAJ
  • American Women's Club

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I am interested in the process of lifelong learning and continuing education for social services providers.  I enjoy mentoring students and the opportunity to help others achieve wholeheartedness in life and in work.  I am interested in the areas of Urban Social Work, Social Pedagogy, Development of Mental Health Services, Travel and Diversity, Reading and spending time in my husband